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Beekeeper's wife

My husband is an NZ registered beekeeper. He started beekeeping when he was a school student back 80' as a part-time job. He enjoyed his engineering career in the UK, Singapore and HK. We enjoyed our life in HK for 20 years, then we moved over to New Zealand in 2017, Now we have our honey farm in Waitakere, West Auckland and Northland. Now we have around 300 hives in 9 locations. My husband looks after all hives by himself. Our honey is raw honey. We don't use heat and we don't blend, just bottle directly from the hives. Please enjoy all the different tastes from each location. All of them are so yummy!

Please contact us for visiting our farm and shop for honey tasting, Candle making or farm tour. 

We have an export licence. We deliver our beautiful raw honey to all over the world. 


We deliver all over the world from Waitakere, New Zealand.      

NZ Shipping Fee $4.50-   International Shipping Fee : Depends on the weight, Please feel free to ask us.







Dealer Info

Sustinnoworx - Henderson & Ranui, Auckland

Floral Muzik - Kuemu,Auckland

Hine Raumati - Whangarei

出澤良子 - 愛知県

リコリコ - 心斎橋

DLR HK - Kwai Chung, Hong Kong 

Let's Cook! 煮吧!Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong 

Kairangi Raw Honey

Not blended, Zero additives, Single location. Just 100% Pure NZ Raw Honey.

We keep hives in 9 locations in North island in NZ. We test honey from all locations individually. Each location have unique flavour and taste. Please enjoy different taste of honey.


Hihi Peninsula, Waiotehue


Waitakere, Te Hunga, Swanson, Titirangi, Waimauku, One Tree Hill

Event & Market 

27-Feb-2021 J+N Creators Market 



Scent of Provence Artisan Market

2-May-2021 (Sun) 10am-3pm

1676 SH16, Auckland

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Please visit our farm to taste yummy honey!

We are happy to introduce our honey and our farm. Its about 40 mins from CBD and 10mins to bethells beach & sand dunes. It will be great day trip.

6 Steed Road, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand 0816

Pls contact us for honey tasting, Candle making in advance.


Kairangi Honey